London Boat Show
10-14 Jan 2018

Boat Club Membership

Exhibitor: Pure Latitude
Product type: Membership Boating and Boat Share
Exhibiting On Stand / Berth Nos


Whether you want access to the entire Pure Latitude fleet or a single boat you can call your own, our simple points system provides highly flexible boating, tailored to you.

Members have an online account with points to spend. Simply login and choose how to spend your points - which boats you take out and when. Weekend days use more points than weekdays and of course bigger boats use more than smaller boats. Book months in advance or leave it right up until the day you want to go out.

Come and talk to us at the show, or see our company website for details on points plans and pricing. Annual plans, comparable to the cost of a marina berth, offer excellent value and affordability.

  • Fleet Memberships
  • Crew Memberships
  • Training Memberships
  • Skippered Memberships
  • Corporate Memberships
  • Owner Memberships
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